20 Years of Lightweight Evolution – DAIWA 2024 LUVIAS Spinning Reel


DAIWA recently updated its most important mid-range spinning fishing reel member, the LUVIAS, from the first generation of the LUVIAS to the ’24 generation is the sixth generation, and it also happens to be 20 years, so come and see how the Daiwa is tuned for its own mid-range’s dearest child.

24 LUVIAS first gave the impression that the appearance of the colour scheme changes, a bit back to the 15 models that area of the dark colour scheme feeling, this may be not long ago the launch of the AIRITY series is similar to the dark colour scheme is dominated, especially AIRITY ST, the whole design language is very similar, the shape of the frame is almost the same product of the mother’s child. After all, when the old AIRITY was first launched two years ago, it also had the LUVIAS prefix name, so it’s not surprising.

The color comparation of new Luvias ans Arity.

Although the 24 LUVIAS looks like AIRITY ST (magnesium), but the body material is not the same. After all, the positioning is here, the 24 LUVIAS is still based on the AIRDRIVE DESIGN concept of a unibody hard shell MQ body when the material is still unchanged ZAION, the turntable position is the same, to further reduce the weight of the strength of the guarantee. The magnetic oil sealed bearings are also still mounted.

24 LUVIAS is equipped with AIRDRIVE ROTOR (lightweight turntable made of ZAION), AIRDRIVE BAIL (hollow, lightweight, high-strength wire gauge), AIRDRIVE SPOOL (lighter weight spool cup), and AIRDRIVE SHAFT (low drag main drive shaft design).

ATD TYPE-L Dragging power design for more precise line control (LT2000S-P to LT4000-XH models).

ATD Tough carbon fibre Dragging power design for high intensity fishing (LT5000D-CXH models).

And the standard LC-ABS Extended Spool for long distance casting.

The use of high-strength cold-forged super-hard aluminum gears, with special surface treatment in the five models (LT2500-H, LT3000-H, PC LT3000-XH, LT4000-XH, LT5000D-CXH), improves the surface hardness of the gears and reduces the risk of gear problems caused by accidental application of force.

Considering the usage environment and application of each model, Daiwa uses different spindle materials in this location.
Lightweight aluminum spindles are used for models requiring lightweight requirements such as LT2000S-P to LT3000-H.
On the other hand, SUS stainless steel spindles are used for four models that require higher rigidity: PC LT3000, PC LT3000-XH, LT4000-XH, and LT5000D-CXH. A Dragging power value of 12kg is achieved for the LT4000-XH and LT5000D-CXH.

Compared with the previous generation of LUVIAS in addition to the appearance of the colour scheme has changed significantly, 24 LUVIAS also added the previous generation did not have the 5000 model, to further expand the series of response to the scene, and this generation of the degree of lightness is also further highlighted, the 2000 model weighs only 145g, the weight of the 2500 model is between 150~170g (compared with the previous generation).

LUVIAS weight reduction of 5g), this weight range has been and AIRITY regular series is basically equivalent (excluding AIRITY ST series), so to experience the flexibility of lightweight and do not want to spend too much money may be 24 LUVIAS is an object of choice.

However, the price of the new model has risen a bit compared to the old one. For example, the price of the previous generation 2000 model was 38,400 yen, while the official price of the new generation is 46,700 yen. Of course, the real price may be lower than the official price, and the price of the new model will be a bit higher after the new model is launched, but in any case, the price of the new model is a bit more expensive, and the price of the new model is a bit higher.

In the general-purpose spinning wheel series in this price range, although it can still be stuck in the empty price range between the friend’s VANFORD and VANFORD, but the price has really gone up. How to choose will depend on your preference and the final market price after the launch of the product.

24 LUVIAS will be available in August 2024 Official suggested price between JPY 46,700~54,500 yen

Official website: https://www.daiwa.com/jp/product/2dhvqnt

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