Abu Garcia Hi-Lo Classic Style Lures

Abu Garcia Hi-Lo
Abu Garcia Hi-Lo

Nowadays classic vintage replicas are in vogue and Abu Garcia has recently brought out the old favourites as well, such as this Hi-Lo 200F, a lure with a longer history, the Hi-Lo lure was born in 1955, some 70 years ago. Mr Lennart Borgström, the second president of AB URFABIKEN, came up with the idea while fishing for pike: “It would be very convenient to have a lure that can change its depth ……”. This lure type is still favoured by various anglers all over the world, including Europe. That is to say, this lure can be adjusted to the depth of the dive by the angle of the variable lip. Of course, the ABU replica is a bit bigger than the original.

The Hi-Lo is a famous lure in the fishing world, so this lure is a replica of the Hi-Lo. The angle of the tongue lip can be adjusted to determine the swim level and the area to be searched.

There are 6 kinds of variable angle ranges, which can be used from the surface of the water to dive to the deep water, and the overall design of the large tongue plate can be easily avoided underwater obstacles, and the swimming posture still maintains the classic characteristics of this bait, that is, it is a strong swinging force and creates a big fluctuation, which attracts the attack of predatory fish such as large individual BASS.

Large 3.5oz weight allows for long distance searching.

However, in addition to the 200 model, the 105 model is also available in two section sizes.

This type of bait, in addition to the regular use, its more value is in the playful, such as using a single-handed BASS rod with a overhead reel to use

The official MSRP of this lure type is JPY2,000 yen It is currently available.

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