Through rigorous testing and the introduction of new carbon fiber materials, APIA has launched a high-performance black snapper rod called “GRANDAGE VICE”.

“GRANDAGE VICE” launched S74ML (spinning rod) and C75ML (casting rod) two models, ultra-high elasticity rod body using Torayca M40X, T1100G, M46J, T800S, and AP3090 and other carbon fiber materials to build, and rod body successively used and successive design and the development of their own NANO JOINT system. The high sensitivity of the rod is suitable for Free Rig or Texas Rig, and can also be used with hard baits such as Minnow, Vibration, or Top Water, making it very versatile. The accessories include SiC-S guides with Fuji stainless steel frames, and a separate handle made of EVA material. The APIA Palm Grip design at the handle makes the rod feel more comfortable in the hand, and the overall weight of the rod is 95g (spinning rod) and 100g (casting rod) respectively. Suggested price: ¥45,000JPY.

APIA’s original NANO JOINT system is used at the rod joints, and through nano-technology and high-precision grinding, it achieves light weight, high strength and high tightness at the same time, and the bending performance of the rod is close to that of a 1pc rod.

The APIA PALM GRIP handgrip system in the shape of a rumble back (cable winder seat section) allows the palm of the hand to fit snugly into the handgrip.

Official webiste:APIA | GRANDAGE VICE (apiajapan.com)

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