Conquer world ocean-APIA GRANDAGE WORLD OCEAN Boat Casting Rods


APIA’s third-generation rod design concepts have been incorporated into the “GRANDAGE WORLD OCEAN” boat casting rod, which helps anglers to conquer the huge fish in the sea everywhere.

“The GRANDAGE WORLD OCEAN” is available in 8 models, all of which are designed with 1 and a half splices, and the model lineup can be used for small size, large size, giant fish, and bluefin tuna. In addition to the Toray T1100G, T800S and T700S carbon fibers, the rod also incorporates 405 Super Resin, which allows the carbon cloth to be joined almost seamlessly, effectively enhancing the structural integrity of the rod.

The rod is also equipped with the original NANO JOINT system to enhance the joining precision, featuring a 150% increase in strength compared to the previous model, and a strong rebound force that makes long distance casting easier and more enjoyable. In terms of accessories, all models are equipped with Fuji stainless steel SiC-S guides, except for the low weight models 833ML and 824M, all other models have full double-frame guides, all models are equipped with Lock Nut double-locking mechanism for the reel seat, and the EVA handle is equipped with non-slip stripes on the front and rear ends, with a pill-shaped rubber bottom cover at the end of the handle, so that the rod body and the accessories are fully adapted to the needs of boat casting. Suggested price ¥58,000~72,000JPY.

APIA’s original NANO JOINT system is used on the rod joints, and through nano-technology and high-precision grinding, it achieves light weight, high strength and high tightness at the same time.

The using of 405 Super Resin reduces the weak side of the carbon cloth bond and improves the structural integrity of the rod.

“GRANDAGE WORLD OCEAN” Model Specification List.

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