Casting Capability Up! DAIWA Over There Saltwater Shore Jigging Rod 2024


DAIWA’s entry-level saltwater shore jigging rod, the Over There, is available in the 2024 model, with long casting ability and improved handling as the main selling points.

“Over There 2024” is available in 7 models, the body is made of high-density HVF carbon fiber, accessories include Fuji K guides, original AIR Sensor reel seat base and EVA handle, the base of the reel seat base and the fixing nut have a more aggressive design than the old models, and the models are generally versatile for Jighead, Jig, Sinking Pencil, Minnow and other hard baits. This time around, the revision focuses on long distance casting ability and handling precision. From the official data, we can find that the carbon fiber content has been increased to 94~98% (88~91% for the old models), the diameter of the first diameter has been reduced to 1.6~2.1mm (2.0~2.2mm for the old models), and the diameter of the first diameter has been reduced to 15.4~16.9mm (16.4~17.7mm for the old models). For example, model 1010M/MH.K is 15g lighter, and the improvement in long casting ability and handling accuracy is not just a matter of words, with a suggested price of ¥28,200~29,900JPY.

All models are equipped with DAIWA’s original AIRSENSOR reel seat base, and have a more aggressive design.

Fuji K guides are fitted on all models, the inner ring of the Top Guide, which is most likely to rub against the line, is made of SiC, the MH model with a double-leg version of the guide in the Butt section of the rod.

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