Deep Diving-Megabass MR-X GRIFFON


Megabass’ GRIFFON moves into its third generation with the debut of “MR-X GRIFFON”.

“MR-X GRIFFON” is 43mm in length and 1/4 OZ in weight, although the buoyancy setting is Floating, it relies on the long tongue design to make the maximum diving depth up to 2.5m, featuring a unique hydrodynamic design and internal structure, which allows the body to bounce off and recover quickly when it touches the bottom or obstacles, inheriting the characteristics of its predecessor and also making the performance more advanced. It inherits the features of its predecessor and improves the performance, featuring the strength that has been proven in the US Bass fishing Championships, and is available at a suggested price of ¥1,650.

Pinball Action of “MR-X GRIFFON” brings excellent obstacle avoidance ability.

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