Deps AIR STREAMER-Bubbling sound dancing!


I can’t believe Deps recently released this AIR STREAMER sinking-type Popper, joining the battle of the top water big fish catching, from the specification, the 205mm/92g weight, can both use in the boat and the shore.

But considered a price tag of ¥4,500JPY, you’d have to think twice about getting your hands on it!

The openings on both sides of the nozzle increase the attractiveness by steadily discharging air bubbles from the grooves when diving.

The interior is made of 1.6mm thick one-piece high strength SUS304 steel wire.

Moving Centre of Gravity System

The wave structure at the bottom of the steel ball chute, together with the fixed centre of gravity at the end, allows for a louder sound when the ball is moved and hit.

The official website describes how to operate the short jerk, long jerk, and Homogeneous recycling, but it’s better to watch the video, the dense and continuous bubbles look really tempting.

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