Duel Aile Magnet TG Minnow (F)


Not only DARTER, AILE MAGNET series also brings the Minnow style back, “AILE MAGNET TG MINNOW (F)” is now available.

“AILE MAGNET TG MINNOW (F)” is available in two sizes, 105mm/18g and 125mm/27g. The internal equipment is the same as “Aile MAGNET TG DARTER (F)”, equipped with a new magnetic center of gravity transfer system (with tungsten ball weight) and a one-piece continuous steel wire, which provides both long-throwing ability and strength, and also has full speed range response performance and can show a stable rolling stroke. The AILE MAGNET TG MINNOW (F) has a deeper dive depth than the Aile MAGNET TG DARTER (F) due to the tongue design.

The Line eye and Hook eye are constructed with a one-piece continuous steel wire design featuring reassuring strength.

Official website: アイルマグネット TG ミノー(F) – 釣具の総合メーカー デュエル (duel.co.jp)

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