DUEL has taken strength, telephoto and visual effects into consideration in its design, and has launched “SONICBOOM SB POP (F)”, an all-rounded performance popper for big fish.

“SONICBOOM SB POP (F)” is available in 2 sizes, 120mm/32g and 150mm/47g. The appearance of SONICBOOM SB POP (F) is modelled after sardines and other bait fish, the slim body can reduce wind resistance and make it easier for big fish to enter, and the unique design of the mouth can bring strong splashing effect, and the internal magnetic centre of gravity transfer system is equipped with the Mag Bullet, which is labelled as the furthest distance for throwing. Over 80m, the body structure adopts SB Unit structure and one-piece continuous steel wire design, which makes this Popper long-distance casting ability and strength, the appearance of the built-in Real Lens Finish imitation fish scale design and Hologram Sheet to create a shiny visual effect and won’t be affected by the impact or friction and have the problem of paint fall off.

The internal reinforcement rib structure and one-piece continuous steel wire provide reassuring strength.

With low wind resistance and DUEL’s original MAG BULLET magnetic centre of gravity transfer system, it features a throwing distance of over 80m.

Unique spout design creates a powerful splash effect.

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