ABU SALTY STAGE Jigging ligero

ABU SALTY STAGE Jigging ligero
ABU SALTY STAGE Jigging ligero

ABU SALTY STAGE Light Jigging rod, the weight is light and not that expensive, compared to the bass rod is even lighter, Jigging the metal jig will certainly be able to reduce the burden on the muscles, the tuning is about 6:4 tuning, strong but not lose the convenience of one and half design compared to the 1p rod, carrying a lot more convenient, or else the car is not big enough to be quite a nuisance, and I have to worry about whether it will not bump into the top guide.

As for the equipment of Metal jig boat fishing, besides some famous big factories, some smaller brands also have their own launch of various kinds of boat fishing steel plate rods, not to mention the handmade ones made by the fishing tackle shops for some angler, there are hundreds of kinds of them, which are too many to be looked at, from the rod blanks, the tuning, the weights, the baking paint, the guide materials, the guide tying methods, the bases, and so on. …. It really makes you feel like you don’t know what to do.

The guide ring is made of K-ring (titanium frame), and the price is just around 15,000 yen, which is really quite a good deal.

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