Carretes giratorios avanzados Abu García Revo NEOS 2011


In 2011, ABU has been updating its spinning reel range with a new, high-level model: the Abu Garcia Revo NEOS. The update has been officially promoted, both in terms of design and technology, and now the official page has been released.

2011 Abu Garcia Revo NEOS spinning reel (4)
2011 Abu Garcia Revo NEOS spinning reel (4)

Revo NEOS as a whole does make some big changes, first of all in its application of the material has some changes and new design, using lightweight high-strength aluminium alloy one-piece chassis design, the main body material to lightweight high-strength graphite and aluminium alloy metal gloss and rigidity combined with the use of NanoShield technology will be stronger than the traditional graphite material body of the body of the body turntable, 300% stronger than traditional graphite material.

The degree of lightness is about 50% lighter than aluminium alloy. And the official also said that the shell and line spool to strengthen the coating treatment (as shown below), the overall seems to be to increase the strength and appearance of aesthetics.

The internal use of 13 anti-corrosion HPCR bearings, the use of Nano Shield lightweight turntable, lightweight aluminium alloy rocker arm as well as the use of EVA grip pills, on the whole Appearance is not doing too bad, there are a total of 2 models 2000, 2500, but then there are several additional models to cope with the needs of the fresh and salty water, including the squid with a double handle arm type.

It looks pretty good, and the asking price is fine, between 26,700 and 28,200 yen, which is a pretty conscientious price compared to the higher-end wheels from Daiwa and Shimano, so if you really want the kind of performance that the official word says you want, then it’s really a reel to choose from.

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