Arma de pesca All Harbour: caña de luz de agua salada Fishman Beams inte7.7UL


In 2024, Fishman introduced the Beams inte 7.7UL, a saltwater light rod with excellent versatility that allows anglers to travel from port to port with one rod in hand.

The “Beams inte7.7UL” is 7’7″ in length, with a 3pcs setup and a 91cm stowage length. The rod is reinforced with 4-axis braided carbon material and is equipped with Fuji titanium & stainless steel frame guides (Tip section is equipped with miniature guides) as well as an EVA & cork separate handle, and the weight of the applicable baits ranges from 2~10g.

Fishman launched the “Beams inte7.7UL” mainly to fill the gap between the Beams series 7.9UL and 6.4UL, it can also be said to be a combination of the characteristics of the two models mentioned above, the rod can be like the Slow tuning settings like a big bend to bring the light bait to the far side, and can be faster than the 7.9UL to restore the original shape, although the lower weight limit on the specification sheet is 2g, it actually has the ability to throw a 1g Jig head.

The flexible and easy to bend high sensitivity Tip section can clearly transmit even the slightest bites to the angler, although it is called the Beams series, the body of the rod below the Belly has the characteristics of the BRIST series, the Butt section of the body provides a considerable degree of strength that can be compared to the grouper or seabass, also consider about black snapper, light EGI, Mebaru,Ajing, and bottom small fish.

The Beams inte7.7UL has excellent versatility, allowing anglers to not only fight in ports and harbors, but also experience the fun of fishing with a wide variety of fruits, at a suggested price of ¥65,780JPY.

The intricate design of the reel site and the aluminum front grip feature a sensitive feeling.

The end of the cork handlebar is equipped with an impact-resistant rubber bottom cover, and metal trim rings and caps add a visual dimension.

Official website:【8月~10月頃入荷予定】Beams inte7.7UL(釣竿/ロッド)【JAN:4571487900443】 – Fishman(フィッシュマン) (

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