Avail Microcast Spool ANT41R Kit de conversión para 19 ANTARES

Avail Microcast Spool ANT41R Conversion Kit for 19 ANTARES

Avail has relaunched its modification of the shimano ANTARES series: the MS-19ANT41R. As modifications have become more and more “extreme” in recent years, Avail has also optimised its own modifications, and this new modification kit is designed to improve the responsiveness of the spool to allow for quicker spool starts and more comfortable casting of all weights of lures.

The main purpose of this new modification kit is to improve the casting response, so that the spool can be activated faster and more comfortably for all weights of lures.

The specifications of MS-19ANT41R show that the spool of MS-19ANT41R is 3g lighter than the original spool , and the weight is reduced by 68% compared with the original spool. Although this kind of weight reduction may not be considered as outstanding in the current spool modification, for a fishing reel that is targeted at general-purpose and long-distance casting, a slight reduction in weight and a spool that is better suited to the use of PE line will allow PE line to operate casting more lightly and quickly.

Line capacity, 1# PE can accommodate 150m, 1.5# PE can accommodate 100m, in this specification can be seen in this spool positioning is also in line with the positioning of this series of ANTARES, this spool can be used in addition to the original SVS centrifugal braking parts, but also can be used to provide AV Microcast Brake 19ANT magnetic conversion kit, and this section of the kit does not need to remove the original side cover centrifugal parts, directly to the magnetic kit can be stuck on the side cover, and the same can be used to adjust the size of the magnetic braking force through the external adjusting knob.

Of course, the magnetic parts are purchased separately at a price of JPY3,400 yen.
Spool price is JPY13,000 yen.

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