Compre alicates de anillo partido para padres e hijos PROX Big Get Small


Don’t want to carry an extra pair of pliers? Why don’t you take a look at PROX’s “Parent-Child Split Ring Pliers”?

The main selling point of “Parent-child Split Ring Pliers” is shown in the picture above, the so-called mother-child pliers design, the mother pliers (length 180mm) are made of aluminum alloy handle + stainless steel pliers (black oxide coating treatment), the part of the PE wire cutting mechanism is made of tungsten steel, the basic functions of the pliers are all there. The sub-clamp (length 70mm) is coated with titanium and can be used for #00~#2 rings, from freshwater to offshore, with a suggested price of ¥3,800JPY.

Female clamps are available for #2 to #8 lure rings.

The small one can be used for #00~#2 rings.

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