Réplica de carrete famoso clásico ABU García Cardinal 3 carrete giratorio


When it comes to the ABU Garcia Cardinal 3 series, I guess older people may be more familiar with it, it is a classic ABU fishing reel, belonging to the spinning reel in the 1970s and 1980s, but with the increasing retro sentiment over the years, coupled with the current trout fishing activities in the Japanese region, the demand for vintage stuff is also increasingly strengthened, so the nostalgia for the former classic models has led to the update of this ABU Garcia Cardinal 3 replica. However, as the retro sentiment has grown over the years, and as the demand for vintage items for trout fishing in Japan has increased, the nostalgia for the classic models of the past has led to the update of this ABU Garcia Cardinal 3 replica.

ABU Garcia Cardinal 3 is basically a continuation of the old model’s design in terms of overall appearance and design, but there are slight differences in the paint on the front of the grips and spools, the old model’s grips are pear-shaped plastic grips and the new model’s are diagonal trapezoidal grips, while the rest of the design is basically the same as that of the old model, which is a very good replica of the old model. And the internal function and the use of gear material is also to a higher level.

The ABU Garcia Cardinal 3 has an aluminum frame, an aluminum line spool and an easy to store gram-folding metal swingarm. This spinning reel comes with 1 bearing which is very small, but should be fine for trout fishing.

ABU Garcia Cardinal 3 comes with a special dismantling tool. Overall, this type of fishing reel is a kind of emotion and flavour, so you don’t have to look at it with modern aesthetics, but this type of fishing reel is still more flavourful for trout fishing, but it’s just a little bit more expensive with a price tag of 31,000 Japanese yen! The price is a bit high at 31,000 yen! And it is limited to 1,000 pieces, so it seems that this kind of positioning is better for collection and less practical. This reel will be available from December this year.


Gear ratio 5.5:1
Weight 225g
Number of bearings: 1
Wire capacity:
No.1.5/0.15mm:200m No.2/0.18mm:130m

Official Website:http://www.purefishing.jp/products/abugarcia/cardinal_3.html

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