Modelo básico rentable actualizado: carrete de baitcasting DAIWA 2024 BASS X 100

Carrete baitcasting DAIWA 2024 BASS X 100
Carrete baitcasting DAIWA 2024 BASS X 100

DAIWA has recently updated its new generation of entry-level baitcast fishing reels: the BASS X 100, which is a replacement for the 2019 BASS X 80SH, and this time the update has also made adjustments and upgrades to the overall colour scheme and some of the configurations.

First of all, the color of the 2024 BASS X 100 is significantly different from that of the previous generation BASS X 80SH, replacing the monotonous and simple black style of the previous generation with a brighter metallic silver, and enhancing the contrast in the details of the accessories to make the overall appearance a little more “high class”. However, the main details and frame design seem to be unchanged. Strictly speaking, the frame mould has not been changed, but some of the configurations have been altered.

So what changes have been made to the BASS X 100? Firstly, the spool has been altered, and compared to the recent two generations of entry-level models from Shimano, the spool diameter of the BASS X 100 has been altered to a more user-friendly and versatile 32mm diameter spool configuration, which offers both capacity and flexibility. The shape of the spool has also been altered to ensure adequate winding capacity, with 12lb-120m and 14lb-110m capacity.

The handle is equipped with a curved aluminium arm with a length of 90mm and a flat grip.

Dragging power is set at a maximum of 5kg, the gear ratio is 7.5, the take-up is 75cm per turn, and the weight of the reel is 195g, which is a fair weight for an entry-level wheel.

Of course, a fishing reel at this price point is certainly not going to come with the Daiwa’s unique magnetic braking system, so it comes with the still common dot-matrix type of magnetic braking.

Officially, this fishing reel is also an all-round entry-level machine that is easy for anyone to use.

Of course, the price is also considered to be a civilian entry-level price Official suggested price JPY11,000 yen, April 2024 on the market.
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