Caña de jigging ligera para orilla DAIWA DRAGGER X SLSJ


While the DRAGGER series has been focused on high-end rods in the past, the lightweight shore jigging rod “DRAGGER X SLSJ” is an entry-level model.

“The DRAGGER X SLSJ is available in three models: 84M, 94M and 93M-S. The rods are constructed with HVF carbon fiber and X45 structure, and wrapped with BRAIDIBG X braided carbon tape for reinforcement, and the maximum weight of the baits for all models is 30g. The accessories include Fuji K-type guides (Alconite), Fuji VSS reel seat and EVA material separated handle, the weight of the three models is controlled between 109~125g, the lightweight performance is quite good, the official labeling “DRAGGER X SLSJ” operating feel as flexible and light as the EGI rod, while still retaining the X-series of the good to get started and also the usual positioning of the rod, the recommended price ¥ 24,500~26,500JPY.

Official website:ドラッガー X SLSJ(ロッド)|DAIWA(ダイワ)

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