La serie Evergreen 2024 Artisan Native Trout se lanzará pronto


Evergreen has started to develop and produce trout rods and trout lures for the local trout fishing needs of the trout farms from last year. The rods and trout lures are produced under the supervision of Daisuke Yamagishi, who is known as the “Great Trout Fishing Master” in his company.

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This time, the Artisan series trout rods are going to be released with a total of 2 spinning rod sizes AMSS-52, AMSS-510 and one casting rod size AMSC-410.

AMSC-410 casting rod Length 4’10” Bait weight 3-7g Line 3~6lb/PE0.4~1

The casting rod AMSC-410 is not a soft and light local trout rod, but a rod that can handle the impact of larger trout, and the strength of the rod is such that it can firmly pierce the hook through the mouth of a large trout, and it can counteract the struggle and fight of a large trout, which is in the style of the designer, Daiyu Yamagishi.

AMSS-52 Spinning rod Length 5’2″ Bait weight 3.5~9g Line 4~6lb/PE0.4~1

AMSS-52 is a standard spinning rod made in the style of Daiyu Yamagishi. It is mainly used for the main area of rivers and streams with a width of 7 to 8 metres and a source deep in the valley, which Yamagishi defines as a “river area”. This specification is mainly for heavy sinking Mino, and it is a specification that focuses on the operation of twitching action.

AMSS-510 Length 5’10” Bait weight 3.5~9g Line 4~6lb/PE0.4~1

AMSS-510 This model is designed for hunting large trout, and can be used to snipe large trout at long distances, and this model is designed to target even larger trout than the AMSS-52 model.

However, the official release date for these three models has not yet been announced.

Trout bait

Artisan Nelmezzo 50FS is a sinking product, length 50mm

Type: quick sinking


Price:JPY1500 yen

Estimated release: May 2024

In mountain streams with noisy currents, the lure moves so inconspicuously that the fish cannot detect its presence. As a result, lures that produce attractive movements such as fluttering and struggling in the flow are gradually becoming mainstream.
However, this type of fluttering lure also has its weakness. That is, there is always a pause between movements, even if it is only a momentary pause. For a trout, it is often the case that when a trout is chasing a fast-moving lure, but it suddenly turns around …… when the lure stops moving, it is regarded by the fish as a unkown object that is not suitable for eating, and this is a phenomenon that often occurs when fishing with trout in mountain streams, which means that this type of lure can be easily seen through by the fish when fighting with trout. In other words, these lures can be easily seen by the fish when fighting with trout.
For this reason, this lure is designed to be closer to its natural state, with a twitch that attracts the eye and reacts to the flow. At the moment of the action, the object swings in a nearly horizontal position and emits a wave like the life of a real baitfish; it is set as a sinking type, and the surface of the bait is painted to stimulate the fish’s sideline (wave motion) for the sense of sight and the design of the swimming action, which attracts trout’s attack.

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