¡Luchando contra la capacidad! Shimano Stradic SW 2024


Remember the STRADIC SW 2020 that made a lot of anglers who just bought the 2018 style feel bad, this time the 4-year change should reduce the noise, the “STRADIC SW 2024” is on the scene.

“STRADIC SW 2024” launched 9 models, the model lineup covers 4000~10,000 models, of course, the basic functions such as HAGANE gear, HAGANE body and X-SHIP continue to be equipped on all models, the key points of the modification should be divided into 4000 models and 5000~10,000 models to illustrate, because a lot of the equipment are not fully equipped on all models. In addition to the aforementioned basic functions, the 4000 model continues to feature Silent Drive, G-Free Body, and X-Protect waterproofing functions (unidirectional ball bearing and Line Roller), and this revision adds a new generation of Micro Module II and Infinity Xross to the running functions. The Infinity Drive has finally been downgraded to the 4000 model (for 2020 style, only the models above 5000 equipped it), and the Anti-Twist Fin has been added to the line arm to reduce the chance of line entanglement, with the spool has been changed to a Long Stroke design to enhance long distance casting ability.

For the 5000~10000 models, the overall functions remain largely the same as 2020 models, that is, the basic functions mentioned at the beginning plus the X-Protect and X SHIELD waterproofing functions, while some of the functions of the 4000 models (Silent Drive, G-Free Body, Micro Module II, Infinity G-Free Body, Micro Module II, Infinity Xross, Anti-Twist Fin, and Long Stroke) are not visible on the 5000~10000 models. However, the X TOUGH DRAG design, which used to be available only on the 14000XG of former reel, has been devolved to the 5000~10000 models, which increases the maximum braking force of the 5000~10000 models by 1~3kg each, and the automatic cable gauge has been removed from the 5000~6000 models, which is the first time in the history of the 5000~6000 models. The automatic return mechanism is cancelled on the 5000~6000 models, and the 8000~10000 models can be used with each other. Overall, in addition to streamlining the model lineup, this revision features a substantial upgrade for the 4000 models, and at the same time, the Infinity Drive and X TOUGH DRAG, which enhance the ability of high-strength fishing, have been introduced to more models, with a suggested price of ¥35,000JPY to ¥42,200JPY.

The INFINITY DRIVE has a special low-friction surface treatment for the Main Shaft, which greatly reduces the rotational torque and allows for smooth winding under high load conditions.

The second generation of MICRO MODULE gears with INFINITY XROSS tooth flank design not only improves smooth running, but also increases the durability of the gears significantly. (Only available for 4000 model).

The line tends to come loose and slip (left) when it is not stressed, and the line may become entangled in the body parts during reeling if you are not careful. However, this can be avoided by the introduction of the ANTI-TWIST FIN (the red component). (Only available for 4000 model)

X-SIELD design enhances the waterproof performance of each interface gap. (Only available for 5000~10000 models)


X TOUGH DRAG is designed with better heat resistance and durability for more stable braking performance. (Only available for 5000~10000 models.)

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