Para aguas poco profundas-Coreman BC-10 Backchatter


Coreman introduces the compact size “BC-10 BACKCHATTER” to add a new fighting force to shallow water fishing.

“The BC-10 BACKCHATTER“is 48mm long and weighs 10g, the smallest in the current BACKCHATTER series. However, the overall design is still in line with the characteristics of the BACKCHATTER series, with a Hook eye and Double Hook on the back, a metal body, and sequins on the end, whereas the Williow Blade type is used for the same series, the BC-26 and BC-16. From the same series of BC-26 and BC-16 have Williow Blade type spool, while the “BC-10 BACKCHATTER” has changed to Colorado Blade type, featuring its semi-rotational feature that allows for irregular movement, swimming like a panicked bait fish, which is highly attractive to sea bass, and due to its lighter weight, it will be an excellent tool for anglers to raid shallow fields. Suggested price: ¥1,650JPY.

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