Gamakatsu LUXXE Maika rod for ayu sweetfish


More and more brands are entering the ayu sweetfish fishing market, and Gamakatsu is following suit with the debut of the “Maika”.

The “Maika” S810ML-solid and S96M-solid solid-tail models are available, both with a 2-pcs setup design. The rods come with Fuji stainless steel framed SiC guides and EVA & cork handles, and all models weigh 110g, which is a lightweight performance that provides quick handling and a good sense of feel to help anglers perceive changes in the current and riverbed terrain. Gamakatsu has taken into account the hook shape and barbless design of the ayu sweetfish Fishing Hook, so the rod is tuned to be flexible and equipped with a solid Tip, which not only ensures the stability of the bait, but also effectively reduces the chances of hook loss, with a suggested price of ¥33,000.

The flexible body and solid tail configuration are all designed with the specifics of ayu sweetfish fishing in mind.

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