¡Soporte Oro! Kit de carrete modificado de carrete Microcast Avail 21CQ200/201


Avail company continues to power on shimano fishing reel, in addition to the previous launch of the CQBFS series of conversion kit support, for the old series of 21CQ200/201 series also provides the relevant conversion Spool kit support.

The CQ series modification kit is design for 21CNQ2044R, which includes a lightweight wide-usage spool and a magnetic braking system kit.

The spool is designed with a super duralumin lightweight spool, weighing 8.9g (original spool is 11.6g excluding SVS centrifugal parts), with a spool depth of 4.4mm, and carrying a bearing of 11mm OD x 5mm ID x 4mm thickness. The spool is designed to be more compatible with PE line, and to improve the overall responsiveness of the spool without sacrificing the capacity of the line.

The spool capacity is:

21CNQ2044R spool can use Shimano’s original SVS centrifugal parts, you can also use AV’s own magnetic kit, magnetic kit installation is easier compare with the old design need to disassemble the mechanical mechanism of the side cover, just need to AV’s magnetic kit directly into the side cover can be, do not need to disassemble the side cover of any mechanical structure, this point for the handicapped party is also a kind of gospel, which is also the CQ series, including the previously introduced CQBFS modifications are installed in this way, greatly reducing the installation trouble.

Of course, for this kind of lightweight spool, there are some requirements for some elastic fishing lines. It is also officially recommended that when using nylon lines and other elastic lines, please use looser tension so as not to damage the spool with too much tension, that is to say, you can use elastic fishing lines for the spool, but don’t put it on too tightly.

Spool price: 13,000 JPY
Magnetic Accessories: 3,400 JPY

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