Cañas multiusos Golden Mean SKUAD NAN-DEMO


Golden Mean and Legit Design have collaborated to launch a versatile rod model, “SKUAD NAN DEMO”, featuring the ability to fish all over the world with just one rod in hand.

“The SKUAD NAN-DEMO is available in three models: SKS76L+, SKS80ML and SKS86M+, all of which can be used for EGI, sea bass, hairtail, flatfish and shore jigging, and can also be used for casting raw baits or Sabiki hangers, as well as the SKS76L+ and SKS80ML for black sea bream and trout,making all three models versatile. In terms of materials, all models have a 2-pcs design. The Butt section of the rod is reinforced with a 4-axis braided carbon cloth cover, and it is equipped with Fuji stainless steel-framed Alconite guides, Fuji VSS reel seat, and an EVA material detachable handle. The overall material and specifications are modest, so the price is considered high among Golden Mean rods, with a suggested price of ¥29,000~33,000JPY.

“SKUD NAN-DEMO” model specification list.

The Butt section of the rod is reinforced with a 4-axis braided carbon material.

Alconite rings with Fuji stainless steel frames are used for guide ring specifications.

EVA material separate handlebar mount.

The end of the handle is decorated with the logo of Golden Mean and Legit Design.

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