Tres fábricas para un carrete- INX.label IR CT SV TW PE Carrete especial baitcast.


INX.label, DAIWA and SLP WORKS collaborated and combined their ideas and technologies to launch the “IR CT SV TW PE Special”, a baitcast reel for saltwater small fish.

The “IR CT SV TW PE Special” is probably based on the DAIWA SALTIST TW PE SPECIAL 80 model in terms of appearance, basic functions and product name, so the HYPER DRIVE design concept, UTD (Ultimate Tournamet Drag) braking system, the line out sound design, the SV-Concept magnetic brake concept and the TWS cable gauge can all be seen on this casting reel. In order to make this reel more suitable for saltwater small fishing, INX.label chose to equip it with SLP RCSB carbon fiber handle (85mm), ZAION dragging power adjustment part and other lightweight accessories, as well as the newly developed SV PE Shallow spool (Ø30mm), which boasts that its performance can fully cope with the characteristics of 3~10g baits and PE lines, however, the pre-launch test casting video shows that it is capable of casting 3g or less, and it also offers a line capacity of #0.8 PE/100m, which is perfectly suited to the needs of saltwater small game fishing. However, this casting reel is only available in left-handed, with a suggested price of ¥53,000JPY, and the full test video is also available on INX.label for consumers’ reference.

The newly developed SV PE Shallow spool (Ø30mm) is perfectly suited for 3~10g baits and PE line characteristics. The official recommendation is that it is suitable for casting 3~6g baits for 50m of line, and 5~10g baits for 100m of line.

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