Jackall’s first entry into the big fish top water market has come with such a sincere product, the CiAN POPPER ROAR, although the price is not cheap, the 200F version (200mm length/67g) costs ¥3,520JPY, and the 240F version (240mm length/95g) costs ¥4,092JPY, but with the painstaking work that has been put into the design, it seems that it is worth the price!

The CiAN POPPER ROAR’s main selling point is its rich and dense air bubbles, which are claimed to be easily manipulated to create a swinging stroke.

The thin, thick-tailed, arrow-shaped body design reduces wind resistance and stabilises the flight attitude, effectively improving throw distance.

Whether on a dive or at a standstill, the protruding belly edge guides the current and enhances the reflective effect of the flat body.

The vertical flotation setting makes it easy to get the nozzle into the water, and the flat belly inhibits movement during operation.

The interior is made of 1.6mm wire with one-piece fusion bonding.

The mouth of this popper bait are in bright fluorescent colours, making them clearly identifiable even in the darkest of mornings or evenings.

200F equiped #3/0 treble hooks, 240F equiped #4/0 treble hooks.

Official website: https://www.jackall.co.jp/saltwater/shore-casting/products/lure/cian/cian-popper-roar/

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