Carrete de fundición ligero y potente Abu García ZENON MG-X


Abu Garcia’s baitcast reel ZENON MG-X is loaded with a variety of lightweight features but is also capable of meeting the demands of high-intensity fishing.

“ZENON MG-X” is available in 6.8- and 8.3-reel ratios, with left and right reels available for each reel ratio. The X-MAG Allow Frame is made of lightweight titanium alloy, with an asymmetrical design for better ergonomics, and the side cover of the machine is made of C6 carbon fiber, The IVCB centrifugal brake system and the lightweight and thin spool (Ø32mm), with titanium coating line guide, complement each other to provide a good long-distance casting performance. In addition, features such as aluminum alloy main gear, carbon fiber handlebar and hollow design grip are also lightweight. Although the lightweight performance is not as good as the same series ZENON MG LTX (126g), the overall weight of 145g is still considered a lightweight, and the ZENON MG-X also provides 7kg of maximum braking power, a long 90mm handle, and a line capacity of 14lb/100m.

Overall performance is good enough to be used for all kinds of freshwater bait fishing, and yes, this casting reel is for freshwater use only, and the video of Makoto Kokubo’s actual fishing presentation is also available on LureNews TV, so please check it out if you’re interested in it at the suggested price of ¥58,000JPY.

The X-MAG Allow Frame is made of magnesium alloy, and its unique design makes it easier for anglers to grip and reel during the fishing process, and the asymmetrical trigger flags effectively prevent accidental pressure.

The casting function consists of the IVCB centrifugal brake system, and a newly designed lightweight and thin spool (Ø32mm) made of Super Duralumin.

Carbon Matrix Drag System can provide this reel’s dragging power up to 7kg.

The compact design of the aluminum front cover not only prevents the line from getting tangled, but also reduces the risk of crashes from accidental dropping.

“ZENON MG-X” Specification List as below:

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