Carrete de fundición SHIMANO Metanium Mg7 V2 de edición limitada


Shimano hasn’t been idle since ’11, but the topic of limited editions has been brought up again and again to serve more “fanatics” (many industries in Japan have similar limited-edition promotions, such as limited-edition figures in anime), and Shimano is at it again, so the Metanium Mg7 V2 is here.

For those who are familiar with Shimano’s products, the Metanium Mg7 series is a fairly high-priced series, and it is also considered to be one of the more popular casting or overhead fishing reels, but it’s been almost 4 years since the last update of the Metanium Mg7, and Shimano hasn’t made a move since updating the Metanium DC Mg7 and has been doing some irrelevant stuff over the years. The Metanium Mg7 V2 is one of the “biggies” in this period, with Ki Murata personally promoting it.

Metanium Mg7 V2’s overall frame is actually the same as Metanium Mg7 from the same mother, this is nothing to say, still using lightweight magnesium alloy material, we can see very intuitively, just in the front part of the colour into black as a differentiation from the general version of the Metanium Mg7, the other position, the speed ratio is still the same as the original version of 7:0:1, in the grip position changed to S factory dream house cork material grip pill, this is similar to the CARDIFF that series design, feel is more similar. 7.0:1, in the grip position changed to Shimano’s dream house type cork material grip, this matching similar to the CARDIFF that series of design, the feeling is more similar. The mechanical adjustment knob has been changed to gunmetal black (the original is white), and the line spool has been changed to dark gunmetal black (the original is gold), which can hold 14LB of cable/100m. 7+1 spools, the braking system is still equipped with SVS, and the bearings have been made of SA-RB, which improves protection and durability, and the maximum braking force is 5kg.

All in all, the Metanium Mg7 V2 doesn’t have a lot of new stuff, it just has more details than the original to make it look brighter than the original, and this modification should be related to ZPI, but it’s not certain if they’ve ever worked together to change this wheel. However, from my personal point of view, the colour scheme sometimes reminds me of the Shimano’s introductory wheel: the BASS NEO ———-. I wonder if it would feel cheaper.

Metanium Mg7 V2 This wheel will be released in the near future, the price is also because of the relationship between the limited edition to increase the price, but this wheel because in addition to the appearance of a slight change, there is no other big change, so it will be slightly more expensive, but expensive is also more limited, after all, play limited edition of this trick, DAIWA seems to be more good at it!

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