Monster Kiss 'Dear Monster GIGAS MGX-8S King Monkey' Cañas de fundición para barcos de varias secciones


Monster Kiss is launching its second renew product – “Dear Monster GIGAS MGX-8S King Monkey” for its MGX series, with Kingfish as the main target.

“Dear Monster GIGAS MGX-8S King Monkey” is a 7’10″/8’3″ long rod with 6pcs of butt, and the handle knuckle is disassembled so that the stowed length is only 50cm. The rod is tuned with Regular Fast setting and built with high elasticity carbon fiber material to enhance the ability to handle small baits.

There are 2 types of rod length data because the rod has 2 types of tip for anglers to change according to their needs, which not only gives excellent performance in casting and handling small baits (70~100g), but also allows anglers to cast up to 200g, which is quite a wide range of suitable weights for lure baits, and is equipped with full double-frame guides for high-intensity fishing, with a suggested price of ¥68,200JPY.

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