Nuevo diseño 2012 DAIWA LUVIAS carrete giratorio


DAIWA since the development of MAG SEALED magnetic oil sealing system and AIR ROTOR , there are constantly various models of spinning reel due to the modification, although the LUVIAS modification is sooner or later, but there should also be supporters wait a little bit anxious, finally, DAIWA officially announced in the official website of the “LUVIAS” 2012 model launched the news.


The 2012 “LUVIAS” continues to maintain the REAL FOUR concept and ZAION material body,and is equipped with MAG SEALED magnetic oil sealing system and AIR ROTOR turntable like other DAIWA reels. In addition, the UTD braking system and ABS II line spool design are only available in the 2012 model, which can improve the smoothness of the line and the distance of the casting. while the weight performance is not much different from the old model, the old 1003 model was not launched in 2012. In terms of appearance, except for the AIR ROTOR, the line spool is decorated with carbon fibre material, whether it looks good or not is a matter of opinion.

Overall the 12 LUVIAS update is also relatively large, in many aspects added a lot of new things, specifications and the old model is almost the same, the weight is also not much difference, still maintain the degree of lightweight, just 12 LUVIAS did not launch the smallest 1003 specification, it is estimated that will be in the near future to add the specification. 12 LUVIAS appearance is more fashionable, the 12 LUVIAS, if you are used to the traditional Daiwa design style, may not be accepted for a short period of time, but I think the appearance is still good.

The 12 LUVIAS is now available. The current reference price is between 31,500 and 34,700 yen, which is still a good price.

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