Novedad de 2024 Serie de señuelos Rapala New Tech


Rapala is one of those super old labels, a company that started in Finland and has always kept up with the times.

Swimming has always been Rapala’s strength, and now with the rise of UV printing technology, Rapala has taken the opportunity to upgrade their paint.

Their painting level has caught up with or even surpassed many Japanese upper-middle class painting brands.

Today we are going to introduce the proposed lure that Rapala is going to launch in 2024. Even if you can’t use it, the paint job is worth buying to enjoy a wave.


This is a medium-large Glide bait, with the main focus on flat closing big S trajectories as well as super large wide swimming on the twitch, and quivering sinks when stop.

The best feature is the removable tungsten counterweight on the belly, which can be replaced by simply twisting it.

Also, the belly is made of swivel hook and loop to cope with the violent escape of the fish.

Various weights can be selected to correspond to different swimming layers, the shallowest being at approximately 30cm, close to floating without the use of counterweights.

It is the same that the bait tail fin is removable.

Two models were released this time


[Length] 11cm/16cm

[Weight] 45g/86g

Color show:


After the big ones come the little ones, this is a super miniature surface popper that looks like a small insect that has fallen into the water.

The oversized mouth allows him to strike loud bubbles in the water without worrying about being too small to attract fish.

The tapered body enhances its long-distance casting performance with a very consistent cast.


[Length] 4.5cm

[Weight] 4.5g

Coloe Show:


This is a new jerking minnow from Rapala, suspended in a head-down position.

It is equipped with an internal center of gravity transfer with tungsten beads and a fluorocarbon coated triple hook with a thin shaft.

The movement should be basically just a reference to Oneten, but the weight this reaches 15g.


[Length] 11cm

[Weight] 15g

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