Nuevo material para flotación!! Jackall Nuevo Elastómero DRIFTFRY 4″

¡Nuevo material para flotación! !Jackall Nuevo elastómero DRIFTFRY de 4″ (6)
¡Nuevo material para flotación! !Jackall Nuevo elastómero DRIFTFRY de 4″ (6)

One of the best Minnow soft baits in recent years, Jackall also redid the DRIFTFRY with new materials to get the current DRIFTFRY Elastomer 4.0 Floating Tongue Lip Minnow.

Based on other floating soft baits, it should be more resistant to tearing compared to the sinkking version.
This means that perhaps the soft bait will be consumed at a much slower rate.
However, it is also stated that this material cannot be stored together with normal lures.

It is also mentioned that the soft bait can be suspended by using 0.6g of inserted lead.
This creates a more realistic dynamic, and even if the bait is jiggled to a stop or shifted, it will not fall unnaturally.

Also this time, a new double-layer structure has been used on the body parts of some of the colours, which is able to show off a more realistic paint job as well as reflections.

There are also guide holes in the middle part, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to put it on straight anymore.

The same Elastomer is inherited from the tongue plate and is able to reduce the distance travelled when jiggling.
It is also able to increase the amplitude of left and right roll.

The tail can also be cut into two upper and lower strips to create more microturbulence.

It’s expected to go on sale in June 2024, but based on how hot driftfry has been, it shouldn’t be too good to buy for the first few months of this.

Price: JPY1650yen

The ones with the red markings are the colorways that use double-layer construction and are expected to be harder to buy.

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