El pescador profesional Takuma Hata deja JACKALL: finaliza su asociación de 20 años

Hata Takuma deja JACKALL (4)
Hata Takuma deja JACKALL (4)

Not long ago, famous angler Takuma Hata posted a message that after February 4, 2024, his contract with tackle maker Jackall will expire, and after discussion, he decided not to renew his contract, ending his 20 years of cooperation with Jackall.

In other words, “This is the last time I’ll be at the Jackall booth at the Osaka show,” posted by Takuma Hata on his personal social media accounts.

During the years of cooperation, Takuma Hata has developed a lot of classic baits for Jackall, such as Flick Shake series, DOOON series, DOWZVIDO Minnow series, DOWZ SWIMMER series, JOINT & BIG BAIT and many other classic baits.

Although the cooperation between the two parties has ended, these classic baits will still be produced normally, so those who like to use them don’t have to worry about it, only that we won’t be able to see Takuma Hata’s figure in Jackall’s various videos or exhibitions and other activities in the future, but the POISON series of bass rods, which is a cooperation between JACKALL and SHIMANO, won’t be affected by the termination of the cooperation between the two parties and Hata Takuma will still participate in the design and use of this series of rods. Takuma Hata will still participate in the design and use of this series of rods, after all, although the cooperation between Takuma Hata and Jackall is over, the cooperation with Shimano is still there.

As for the question of why Takuma Hata will leave JACKALL, there are some speculations in the industry, first of all, the personal development of Takuma Hata may be shifted to the more popular network, such as his personal YouTube channel has a considerable influence nowadays, and on the other hand, because in August 2021, the iSigma investment company entered into the ownership of JACKALL, in December of the same year, Seiji Kato, one of the founders of JACKALL, announced his retirement from the company. Subsequently, on December 31 of the same year, the same company’s Kawashima Makoto also withdrew after the end of the contract, and shortly thereafter founded the BETOBETO brand; JACKALL seems to be facing some problems internally, and such old friends as Hata Takuma, who have been working together for 20 years, must have also smelled what is going on, and now the situation is that the most famous anglers under the banner of Jackall in the past year are basically almost gone, and the remaining anglers are at least in the name of fame and reputation, and the most famous anglers in the past are not as famous. The remaining anglers at least in the popularity value of fame and popularity with those who preceded them, and now only the founder of the year Toshiro Ono sole support, the other has left the J club one after another.

Another speculation is that the end of the cooperation of the constraints of the problem may participate in the YouTube channel program is also more free, and based on past experience to speculate, perhaps Takuma Hata may be in the future like many professional anglers to launch their own brand, or with the Jackall before the retirement of Kato Seiji in the oil tube’s “suspected bait research institute” channel cooperation is also possible. After all, there have been interactions before. It’s even possible to start a new label with Kato.

Moreover, it can be said that a video culture at the forefront of the fishing era is not bound by the framework of the “fishing industry”. The power of the Internet is shared, and YouTube, which is free to watch, has a huge audience and is currently used by all kinds of professionals, makers, and media outlets. In this context, the use of this type of online media platform can be put to good use, making it easier to promote more innovative ideas or products, and the importance of online communication has been highlighted by the epidemic of the last three years, which has prompted many people to move from the relatively traditional model to today’s online media model.

We’ll see how JACKALL develops in the future, after all, it’s made a lot of classic products for a lot of people who love to fish.

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