Cañas de viaje para telescopio PROX VICEO TeleShorty SE


PROX continues to introduce a new multi-section travel rod, the “Viceo TeleShorty SE”, which is affordable and super easy to carry.

“Viceo TeleShorty SE” consists of 2 models, 55LT and 55MLT. The Telescope design of all the models allows the length of the reel to be only 22.5~23.8cm, which makes it quite easy to escape from the eyes of the boss or wife, and the extension of the handgrip (17cm) is provided to allow the angler to lengthen the handgrip according to the needs of the angler. The main specification of the ring is Oxide Ring (Aluminum Oxide), only 55MLT has SiC material (1 piece), and the weight of the suitable bait is 3~7g and 5~10g, suitable for all kinds of freshwater small object fishing, the suggested price is ¥9,900JPY.

Here shows the specification sheet of “VICEO TeleShorty SE”.

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