Evolución revolucionaria-APIA GRANDAGE LEGACY Cañas de pescar Mebaru, Ajing y Root


From the 2005 Kazamaru and Legacy series to the 2018 GRANDAGE LITE, APIA is launching a new generation of saltwater minnow rods called “GRANDAGE LEGACY” in 2024.

“GRANDAGE LEGACY” launched a total of 8 spinning rod models, including 5 solid tail models (HS & SS), the model lineup covers Aji and Mebaru rods, and the rods are made of Torayca M40X, T1100G, M46J, and M40J carbon fibers, which makes the performance of lightness, feeling, and maneuverability improved. The durable solid tail is made of 100% Torayca 30T material, and there are also HS (Hard Solid) and SS (Soft Solid) solid tails to meet various fishing needs, and the surface of the rod is treated with Shield Tech Light to enhance scratch resistance, compared to the GRANDAGE ATLAS. The guide ring configuration depends on the model requirements, the models below the Power Setup L use Fuji titanium frame AT*2 + stainless steel frame Si-C-S guides, the models above the Power ML use Fuji stainless steel frame Si-C-S guides, and the EVA material detachable handgrips are equipped on all models. The weight of each model is between 49~86g, which is a good lightweight performance. APIA said that through the introduction of many advanced technologies, the performance of the “GRANDAGE LEGACY” rod has been revolutionized, and it is the pinnacle of the saltwater mini-game rods, with a suggested price of ¥38,000~46,000.

Official website:APIA | GRANDAGE LEGACY (apiajapan.com)

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