Fundición Shimano Aldebaran BFS XG-Micro


“ALDEBARAN BFS XG” is Shimano’s baitcast reel, which is similar to the Daiwa T3 AIR in that it uses the same modifications to improve its performance, just that Shimano doesn’t want to use other factory when it comes to modifications, and instead, uses its own Yumeya modifications to decide the winner.

The “ALDEBARAN BFS XG” is different from the Daiwa T3 AIR in terms of the material changes made to the various parts, but most of the adjustments are made directly to the performance of the appearance, such as the use of COREFIT BODY design to reduce the size of the reel, reduce the weight, and equipped with the XG 8:0 ultra-high gear ratio, the speed of the line rolling is siginificant, and the star-shaped brake disc is now 6 stars instead of 5 stars, and the BFS part is on the thread cup. In order to match the low-inertia Mg thread spool, the SVS centrifugal casting system has increased the number of brake point from 6 to 8, which allows for more delicate adjustments, and the weight has been lowered to only 145g. The price increase is not too high, only 4,500 Japanese Yen more expensive than the original Aldebaran, but the saltwater use OK function has gone! It’s quite a coincidence that the Daiwa T3 AIR, Abu Revo LTX and SHIMANO ALDEBARAN BFS XG all have black as their main colour, is it because these three companies have already agreed on this?

The COREFIT BODY design shortens the distance from the handle to the other side by 8.5mm, which improves the control of the reel. Although the official website doesn’t mention that it’s made of CI4+ material, you can see its lettering on the side cover.

XG means the Ultra-High gear ratio.

Six stars shape of braking adjustment system.

BFS Mg material modified spool and new SVS centrifugal braking system.

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