Shimano Counterwake 80F Sea Bass bubble minnow


This time we’re going to introduce Shimano’s smaller wave-making Counterwake 80F Flash Boost XM-L80X, scaled down from their previous large wave-making Mino Counterwake 120F/160F.

They have inherited the original’s baiting and casting performance to the greatest extent possible in a reduced size, so that they can be adapted to a wider range of fishing conditions, and should be a good choice for worldwide fishing as well.

Being a Sea Bass Minnow, casting performance is of course very important, and the 80f comes with a centre of gravity shift that allows its mere 9g body to reach a casting distance of 40m, making it easy to get to your next record fish.

Also redesigned rather than simply downsized, the 80f inherits the powerful spoilers and waves of its predecessor.

Able to create waves steadily a few centimeters below the surface of the water, it is adaptable to both low and high speeds.

The flash boost in the name tells us that it has also inherited the reflector system, which is capable of giving out unexpected flashes of light when pausing, making it ideal for hitting reactively.

Compared to those diving lures, the flash boost on the surface system reflects lighter and is more effective.

Smaller baits will catch those wary walleye better, and you’ll never see a fish just follow without a spicy bite again!

[Length] 80mm

[Weight] 9g

[Price] CNY¥89

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