Shimano hard rocker bb hard rock rod 2024 style


The HARD ROCKER BB has been revamped for the 2024 model, and the specifications and price point for beginners are still the main selling points.

The “HARD ROCKER BB 2024” comes with 3 models of casting rods and 3 models of spinning rods. The body of the rod is reinforced with HI-POWER X braided carbon tape, which provides anglers with the power to drag fish out of the obstruction immediately and is equipped with accessories such as a detachable handle made of EVA material and a SHIMANO original reel seat. The rest of the inner ring of the Top guide is O type (Aluminum Oxide), the overall weight is a little bit lighter (3~6g) compared to the same model in 19 years, SHIMANO also flaunts that the model lineup is not only for the bottom strategy, but also suitable for using the swimming type of baits, such as the model B83M and S83MH have been mentioned to be suitable for Swimming Rig, of course, the BB series is the most important thing is to reduce the burden of beginners to purchase the price, the recommended price of ¥ 19,300 ~ 20,800JPY.

All models are equipped with Shimano’s original reel seat.

Official website:ハードロッカー BB[HARD ROCKER BB] | ロックフィッシュ | ショアソルト | ロッド | 製品情報 | SHIMANO シマノ

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