Pez moribundo súper realista – DUO 24 nuevos productos REALIS DEAD DRIFT 100


Duo seems to have suddenly hit its stride this year with a number of new interesting lures. Today we’re going to introduce the REALIS DEAD DRIFT 100, a small, multi-section dying fish that officially claims to recreate the most realistic dying dynamics.


Unlike traditional dying fish, the DEAD DRIFT has been designed with five sections.

And the buoyancy of each section has been specially adjusted to have a more realistic floating posture.

The Dead drift is mainly designed for streams and other environments with water flow, so you can see that the colour scheme is also mainly in a stream fish colour scheme.

The multi-joint design makes it less stiff and able to produce a slight wobble with the current.


In the course of fishing anglers have found that many of the fish that prey on dying baitfish will stop attacking the moment they rush to the proposed bait because of the sight of a very disconcerting hook.

That’s why DUO has designed camouflaged mating hooks specifically for Dead Drift, allowing the bass to attack more decisively.

But judging by the profile doo seems to have been lazy and used their scented bait simulated catfish modelling.

What’s not so good is that the Mikoto hooks on the tail don’t seem to be easy to find replacements for, using surprisingly #7 hooks.


[Length] 100mm

[Weight] 12g

[Price] JPY3,278yen

[Estimated Release Date] May 2024

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