Takuma Hata establece una marca de cebo propuesta independiente FISH MAGNET

Takuma Hata fundó FISH MAGNET (1)
Takuma Hata fundó FISH MAGNET (1)

We have said at the beginning of this year about the movement of Jackall and Takuma Hata, because in February this year Takuma Hata and Jackall’s contract expired, Takuma Hata will also focus on their own media channel, before we also predicted that Takuma Hata may launch their own brand, this is not to the second half of the year Takuma Hata in their own self-media channel revealed their new brand of the plan.

Takuma Hata’s new brand for “fish magnet” the origin of this name is Takuma Hata in Australia fishing tour, the local fishing guide , and in its channel to a lot of people see Takuma Hata to catch so many fish, all call him this guy is “fish magnet” what fish will be attracted to him and catch, and later Takuma Hata also like this word, as the inspiration for their own new brand as ” fish magnet”

It is understood that fish magnet brand’s first series of products may be hard bait, research and development will also be quite up to date, after all, in jackall cooperation for so many years The experience is certainly not lacking, the proposed bait after the release of the bait may be the first to give its channel members to test the use. Of course, FISH MAGNET has not yet released the latest news, in the future will be released in the Takuma Hata’s self-media channel, when you pay attention to his masterpiece.

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