Caña multiusos superior-VARIVAS Graphite Works Género Crossover Rod 7th Fighter / Hyper Sylph


VARIVAS introduces the versatile “Genre Crossover Rod 7th Fighter / Hyper Sylph”, which is easy to carry and can be used for everything.

“The Genre Crossover Rod 7th Fighter / Hyper Sylph is available in 2 models, 7F-87RX-S ti (Casting Rod) and HSL-87RX-S ti (Spinning Rod), with 5pcs setup for all the models, and a 55cm stowage length that allows this 8’7″ rod to be carried on a plane. This 8’7″ long rod can be carried on the plane. The rod is made of Hybrid T-3 Glass (46T Carbon Fibre (23%) + Low Resin Glass) with Tip built-in steel core, the rod is both tensile and tough, and the maximum weight of baits can be up to 4.5oz (about 126g), and the accessories include Fuji’s full double-frame SiC-S guides, an EVA split handle, and Fuji TPMS(7F) & TVS(HSL) reel seats. The reel assembly has been streamlined and uses a lightweight, strong carbon fibre sleeve, while the specifications and name labels on the rod are still handwritten by hand.

The model 7F-87RX-S ti can be used for Texas Rig or lead-free heavy soft baits, and it can also be used for large Minnow and Pencil, while the model HSL-87RX-S ti can be used for Jigging and large baits, and it is also labelled as suitable for both shore casting and boating, and there is no restriction on the species of fish to be fished. Suggested price is ¥110,000JPY.

All models are equipped with Fuji’s full double-frame SiC-S ring.

EVA Material Separate Handlebar.

The order comes with an exclusive rod bag and rod tube.

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