Actualización de sensación táctil: rodillo Ajing Tune Line azul claro


Clear Blue and Levitation Engineering collaborate to launch Line Roller modification “Ajing Tune Line Roller”.

“The Ajing Tune Line Roller” is available in silver and blue. The solid body of the Line Roller is made of Ultra-super duralumin with high precision machining, polished and anodized to give it a mirror-like shine, and well weighted to reduce shaking when the Rotor is in operation, effectively reducing line loading and the curling chance, when the fish is baited on the hook, it can tighten the line quickly, providing excellent sensation performance, and this modification part has both DAIWA model and SHIMANO model, the official website also mentioned that SHIMANO model reduces the weight by 20% and adopts the R-shape design.

DAIWA model (Spacers*2, ball bearing*2, Roller*1) Suggested Price: JPY 9,900

Suitable for: EXIST 2022, EXIST SF 2023, AIRITY 2023, AIRITY ST 2024, AIRITY ST SF ‘2024, Lunar Beauty(月下美人) 2023.

SHIMANO Model (Spacer*3, Ball bearing*2, Roller1, Special screw1, hexagonal wrench*1) Suggested Price: JPY 11,000

Applicable models: Vanquish 2019, Vanquish 2023, STELLA 2018, STELLA 2022.

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