Lanzamiento ultralargo – Cañas de lanzamiento de agua salada JACKALL BEYOND ZONE


In addition to its versatility and portability, the BEYOND ZONE saltwater shore casting rod offers excellent long-distance casting with its 13 ft. rod length setting.

“BEYOND ZONE” launched a total of BZ-130M and BZ-130MH two models, the whole model adopts the vibration out of the design (4 sections), the length of the storage control in 118cm, effectively enhance the convenience of carrying of this 13’0″ long rod, the usage of the rod tends to be general-purpose, suitable baits including metal jig, VIB, Minnow, Pencil, Popper, Blade Jig and other types of baits, the fishing type include giant fish, flat fish and mackerel, etc. The guide specifications selected Fuji stainless steel frame K-type guides, with special Wrapping method and carbon fiber rings to strengthen the fixation of the guides. In addition to its high versatility, the long casting ability of the long rod setup is also a key selling point. JACKALL has proven that the casting distance of the 60g Jig can reach over 140m (SHIMANO TWINPOWER 4000XG+PE#1) at a suggested price of ¥32,780JPY.

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