Cañas de fundición ultralargas – JACKALL BEYOND ZONE Cañas para jigging de costa


Jackall launched a long shore jigging rod some time ago: BEYOND ZONE The name also tells us that this is certainly to go beyond the conventional distance casting to explore more zones, this series launched a total of two specifications BZ-130M and BZ-130MH, both spinning rods, because the length of this rod reaches 13 feet (about 3.96m) nearly 4m long. For this reason, and for practicality, the Telescope is designed to be stowed in a length of 118cm, instead of the usual parallel stowage.

The BEYOND ZONE rod can be used for a wide range of saltwater shore jigging needs, all types of common metal bait, fish bait, and metal jigs and other types of lures can be handled, because of the type of lures used and the wide range of control, so it targets a wide range of species, including giant fish, flounder, mackerel, and other species of fish.

The main purpose of this rod is for long distance casting, and the official test is that it can reach a distance of over 140m with a 60g metal jig.

The body of the BEYOND ZONE uses Jackall’s Wrapping process and has been optimised for the species of fish that are targeted by the shore jigging. The strength and flexibility of the body can be better targeted at the impact of big fish such as giant fish, and Fuji stainless steel K-type SIC rings are used for the guides, and carbon fibre is used for the foot of the reel seat to strengthen the rod.

Official Website:

Official Suggested Price: JPY 32,780 yen

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