Caña de trucha estilo vintage-Abu García Conolon


With the popularity of the vintage rod form in recent years, Abu Garcia has introduced a trout rod of this design in 2024, called the CONOLON. However, when I saw the official product images, I found that the design is somewhat similar to the Finetail Works Tune series of trout rods from Major Craft, which we talked about some time ago, with a similar positioning and design language.

The big difference is that this ABU trout rod is more portable.

Although the CONOLON series is positioned as a trout rod, it is officially stated that this rod can be used for trout fishing as well as BASS fishing, such as the vintage one-handed Top Water with an overhead reel.

The trout rods are designed with portability in mind, the whole series is basically 4-5 sections, the storage length is 36~43.8cm, which can be easily put into a suitcase or backpack, and in terms of specific specifications, in order to take care of a wider range of needs, there are some targeted differences in the models of this series of trout rods, such as the CNLC-454UL, CNLC-505L, two medium-fast tuning models mainly for trout fishing; and the two models we mentioned earlier that can take care of BASS play are the CNLC-555ML, CNLC-605M, CNLC-505L, which are slower in tuning design – R tuning, and it’s officially stated that the CNLC-605M is a high-content fibreglass rod with a 5-section design, which can be used to experience better bass fishing and to experience the smallest fishing rod on the surface of the sea.

The CNLC-605M is a high content fibreglass rod with a 5-section design that allows you to better experience the fun of bass surface trolling, and the rod can handle 1oz weight Top Water type surface lures.

Configuration, the whole series equipped with FUJI K frame SIC ring, grip with natural wood gun type grip, this kind of grip although in the design of ABU in recent years is rare.

The current official MSRP for this trout rod is JPY36,000 yen.

Official website:

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