Evergreen Combat Crank 180 wide deep search


It should be autumn and winter, and Evergreen is taking advantage of the situation by releasing the Combat Crank 180 to capture the winter and next spring bass fishing market. Developed by Shinji Sato (the man pictured below), the toy measures 5.8cm in length/weighs 13.2g and has a dive depth of 1.2-1.8m.

With such a length, it can reach 13.2g, and with the centre of gravity shifted, it must be able to search a wider range (because it can be thrown far away), and as for the official website’s claim that you won’t get tired even after a day’s throwing, it’s a bit of an exaggeration.

The special tongue design allows Lua to effectively avoid weeds in the water when undercutting.

With the low centre of gravity, even if it hits an obstacle, it can still maintain a stable swimming posture. The high vibration posture during operation makes it obvious that you can feel the condition of the lure in the water, such as the unnatural movement due to the obstacle, etc. The 6-side design attracts the attention of the fish more.

The Combat Crank series has other specifications besides the 180, and the design of each model is similar (the difference is in the depth of dive and the length/weight of the body), but the reason for making this model is to cut this series of roadrunner into two directions: land-use and boat-use.

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