For Black Snapper-DUO Bay RUF Reprush 62F


DUO’s “Bay RUF Reprush 62F” for Snapper lure fishing is designed for good casting, good swinging and good mouth entry.

“Bay RUF Reprush 62F” is 62mm in length and 7.5g in weight. It adopts tungsten steel bead fixed centre of gravity configuration inside, featuring the ability to increase the throwing distance and improve dynamic stability, and the body is designed with a hole from the mouth to the lower part of the abdomen to inhibit the speed of the movement, making the Walk the Dog easy and stable, and the process of swinging can also create splash! Suggested price ¥1,650.

The water hole runs from the mouth of the mouth to the belly to slow down the movement speed, and the tail hook stays in the same position as far as possible during the swinging process, which helps to increase the hooking rate.

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