Daiwa launches a cicada-type crawling bait “DROWN CICADA REV/Jr.”, featuring a comprehensive evolution of appearance, components and dynamic performance.

“DROWN CICADA REV/Jr.” is available in 2 sizes, 41mm/4.6g (Double Hook) and 31mm/2.8g (Single Hook), both wings have opening and closing mechanism, the wings will be closed to reduce the wind resistance during casting, and will be opened after retrieving from the water to facilitate the crawling action, and at the same time, the buoyancy is set to reduce the effect of the side winds on the body, and the hooks are treated by Daiwa’s exclusive SaqSaS treatment, not only the penetration is improved, but also the colour of the body is similar to the cicada’s legs, which is in contradiction to the dynamic performance,whether it is a high-frequency crawling or near-death shaking can be competent, the official also released a complete introduction video for reference, the recommended price of ¥ 1,400 ~ 1,550JPY.

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