High Rigidity SHIMANO 2012 CALCUTTA Overhead reel

SHIMANO 2012 CALCUTTA overhead reel (23)
SHIMANO 2012 CALCUTTA overhead reel (23)

The 2012 Shimano side of the updated fishing reel categories are also more, such as this Shimano more classic overhead reel series: CALCUTTA, which is also after 7 years again after the update.

The 12 CALCUTTA’s update this time is also larger, 12 CALCUTTA compared to 05 CALCUTTA, the overall design of the frame is more compact, the use of S COMPACT BODY high-strength aluminium alloy one-piece cutting frame, the overall rigidity of the strength of the guaranteed and the position of the handle to join a closer to the wheel body of the X-DRAG design. The five-star adjustment knob on the inside of the handle has been moved to the outside of the handle, which further improves the reel operability and reduces the distance between the handle and the wheel body, increasing the sense of unity. As well, it is equipped with the X-SHIP gear conventional system, which has recently been adopted by high-level wheels. E.I. anti-rust treatment is added to increase overall durability. The Shimano SVS centrifugal braking system, the easiest to use, is still on board.

12 CALCUTTA overall look is still very good, the reel is also more compact, the operation of the grip easier to close to the rod, the operation of the perception should be better, and compared to the old model, the appearance of a grade. As a representative model of Shimano’s all-environmental high-rigidity overhead reel, the 12 Calcutta is also considered to be a more conscientious configuration.

The 12 CALCUTTA is available in 100~400 models, which basically cover fresh and saltwater applications. For freshwater applications such as BASS fishing, there are more 100~200 models, and of course there are 300 models available for high-power freshwater fishing. The weight of the new model has also been reduced a little, the overall weight is between 225~335g, which is still a good weight, and compared to the higher-end CALCUTTA CONQUEST series, the 12 CALCUTTA is obviously more practical and more affordable, the 12 CALCUTTA will be available for sale in March and April 2012, with an official price of 37,000~42,200 yen. The 12 CALCUTTA will be available in March and April 2012 at an official price of 37,000 to 42,200 yen.
Official Website:http://fishing.shimano.co.jp/product/reel/2830

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