Improved model DAIWA EMERALDAS MX 85MLM NT EGI squid rod


DAIWA has recently updated the 85MLM NT specification of the new EMERALDAS MX series, a model supervised by wooden shrimp fishing lady Jumiya Nomura and based on the improved design of the EMERALDAS MX series, which enhances the overall performance details, from the light cranking operation, light weight, and sensitivity have been improved.

The rod is made of Daiwa’s main material: HVF Nano Plus carbon cloth, supplemented by X45 to enhance the rod body, the rod as a whole focuses on the handling of wood shrimp, but also taking into account the casting performance, the length of this specification is set at 8’5, and the rod tail has been purposely increased the number of guides (2 more) in order to reduce the tangle of the line caused by the fishing in the sea environment, the toughness and sensitivity of the rod for the commonly used 2.5~4 wood shrimp, can be very good handling and casting performance. The tough and sensitive body of the rod allows for good handling and casting of the commonly used 2.5 to 4 wood shrimp, and Jumiya Nomura describes its performance as having the best balance of handling and casting distance, and the finish as being in line with her aesthetics.
In order to reduce line entanglement, 2 guides have been added to the rod’s tail section.

The length of the handle has also been adjusted to make it shorter to minimise the problem of the long handle interacting with the sleeves of your windbreaker or outdoor windbreaker during operation.

This model will be available in June 2010 at an official price of 31,300 Japanese yen.

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