JACKALL SUISEN – The Silent Cicada


JACKALL launches the cicada-type crawling bait “SUISEN”, which is not only compact in size, but also pursues the natural sound effect and dynamics.

“SUISEN” is 43mm in length and 5g in weight. The body is made of two kinds of materials, the front part of the body is made of ABS hard plastic, and the back part of the body is a soft hollow body to make the sound of falling water more natural, and the tail end of the Hook eye is made of a steel wire structure and is linked with the front end of the body. The wings on both sides of the body are also made of a soft material, which is characterised by the fact that it can make a unique sound effect that is different from that of the metal materials. The angle of the wings is slightly downward, allowing anglers to pull the fishing line slightly to immediately move the body on the water surface, the suggested price is ¥1,980JPY.

Soft wings create unique sound effects and soft water waves.

The rear section of the body is made of hollow structure and soft material, featuring a more natural sound of falling water and suppressing the sound generated by the contact between the body and the hook.

The front part of the body is made of ABS hard material, with a built-in steel wire structure for the Hook eye at the end.

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